Alex Greene

Second year Marketing Communications student at BCIT and Classics nerd. I have dreams of being a Greek mythological hero who flies around on winged beasts brandishing bronze blades, slaying Hydra in my wake.

The Inevitable First Year Meltdown BCIT Marketing Association

It can happen to you on any day.  It might be mild and sunny, innocently filling the usually bleak and concrete compound with false hope.  You hop off the bus, feeling uncharacteristically optimistic.  Maybe you even had more than five hours of sleep the night before.  You walk into class like: You’re sitting in your first class and you’ve got a quiz, but no problem, you think you studied enough. Plus, you’re feeling good today. What could possibly go wrong? Tests are handed out, and you ha

Yelp Community Blog: Vancouver Relishes Life On Davie Street

On an uncharacteristically rainy evening in September, Yelp Elites congregated at reLiSH Gourmet Burgers on Davie street to share their zest for life and burgers. Musical chairs and trivia were played while Elites searched for one another in a scavenger hunt of icebreaking proportions. Bonds were forged over shared love of sliders and spirits, while Elites shared what makes them relish life. Co-owners Rivers Corbett and Chef Ray Henry shared their vision for reLiSH with the Elite Squad while the

Alex and Brian’s (and Melissa’s) Excellent Adventure: The 2015 Regionals Case Competition Presented by Adesa BCIT Marketing Association

The Communications Committee is proud to welcome two new writers to the fold. They are Alex Green, and Brian Tang. They also happen to be second place finalists in The Case Competition at the 2015 Regional Conference presented by Adesa. They were joined by Melissa Hoffart, who will also be writing a piece or two for us soon. The Case Competition was a true test of will and grit. We congratulate this team of feisty first-year students as they represented BCIT with an outstanding effort. This is

Yelp Community Blog: Vancouver's Lovely Lebanese Feast

Last Wednesday, Elites broadened their culinary horizons at Jamjar on Commercial Drive; tucked into a cozy nook on Commercial Drive, Jamjar has an intimate, hip, and contemporary atmosphere. As Elites checked in, they received a jar of delicious spiced apricots and a reusable Yelp bag to keep it in. The enthusiastic and welcoming staff demonstrated how to make traditional Saj flatbreads, then Elites tried their hand at making their own, and pairing it with Jamjar’s amazing hummus. Chats were had

Yoncé all in this blog like ichor.

I have never been much of a Beyoncé fan.  I mean, sure I learned every move to the Single Ladies video, but I have always been a sucker for a good music video.  I learned most of the dance moves from JBieb’s Somebody to Love, too, so that’s about how selective I am..which is not saying much.  Ahem. Moving on! December 13th pretty much changed the whole music world.  I mean, maybe not, but it did for me, because I decidedly became a Beyoncé fan who like, cares about her life and stuff now.  I ha

Besotted with History: Mithridates VI Eupator of Pontus ie. The Batman of the Black Sea

I have had my fair share of crushes on historical figures, and having attraction towards someone who died thousands of years ago makes me feel almost as strange as the crush I used to have on the fox that played Robin Hood in the animated Disney movie. That being said, two of these figures who you’ve probably never heard about are Mithridates VI Eupator of Pontus, and Alcibiades, and they are two of the masters of my heart. Today I’m going to start with Mithridates VI. He was basically the Batman of the ancient world.

My Neverland of Books.

Honestly, I like to think of myself as a bit of a book Hedonist. Or perhaps an everything Hedonist. I can sometimes be Hedonism Bot personified. With my recent acquisition of the internet in my personal abode at my place of work my electronically-induced ADHD has returned in full force. What can one former foremost Hedonist do but satisfy any and every query as soon as the seed of the query has been planted in my epicurean mind?